My Whole Family go to Asheville Holistic Dentist

"Thanks for the great reviews Asheville" - Dr. Peter Pang DDS, MAGD, PA

Asheville Holistic DentistPamela G.
"Today's visit was due to a dental emergency and the office fit me in immediately. Caroline was efficient and concerned on the telephone, and the doc fixed what turned out to be a more lengthy thing than I initially assumed. He explained everything, every step, which I appreciate. I very much enjoy my relationship with this practice."
Asheville Holistic DentistJudy Saitta - Fletcher, NC
"I feel very confident that Dr. Pang will take care with my teeth so I will be able to chew better and smile happily. My teeth and my smile look great and chew well, thanks Dr. Pang for a wonderful result. I am very appreciative to you and your staff for putting me at ease and answering my questions. Well done!"
Asheville Holistic DentistGeorge D.
"Thanks, again, for world-class dental care. I appreciate your patient, clear explanations of my situation and each step of care. And I appreciated working me into your busy schedule promptly after losing a crown."
Asheville Holistic DentistLydia A. - Asheville, NC
“I just love your staff. The staff is friendly and helpful. And most of all Asheville Dental care just make coming to the dentist a fun and enjoyable experience.”
Asheville Holistic DentistEddie S. - Asheville
"Asheville Holistic Dentist, I have to say has the most courteous staff that most businesses dream about. I cannot say enough about my many visits there. Dr. Peter Pang, the new and working owner, in my opinion truly cares about your teeth and how you feel about how they look. He truly does care…as do his staff!! I’m sure that you will love it at Asheville Holistic Dentist."
Asheville Holistic DentistCarolyn Widener - Hendersonville NC
"I recently had two crowns "installed" and all mercury amalgams removed on the same day by Dr. Pang. The combination of Dr. Pang and his staff's courteousness, thorough knowledge-base and their state of the art technological equipment completely put my mind at ease. Having this done just two days before Thanksgiving, without impairing my holiday experience, assures me of Dr. Pang's skill level. I highly recommend Dr. Pang and his staff for dental work and treatment you can "feel good" about in every sense of the word(s)."
Asheville Holistic DentistAndrea Sechrist - Candler NC
"The best experience ever! The staff and Dr. Pang were extremely patient and caring with me during my dental procedure."
Asheville Holistic DentistDeborah - West Asheville NC
“I have recently moved to the Asheville area and was looking to establish care with a dentist here. I just had my first examination, set of complete digital x-rays and cleaning with Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care). I was so impressed by my care and the welcome staff. His entire office is a delight!I was given a complete tour of the facility including the lab and sterilization area; it was impeccably clean and simply a pleasure to come into for treatment. I have never had such a personalized dental visit outside of my own brother’s practice!”
Asheville Holistic DentistSusan D. - Asheville NC
“Thank you so much for your fine work on my son. He needed a large amount of dental work done, so he flew down from New York because I told him about CEREC.

He liked the idea that you could do it all in just one visit. This would never have been possible without your expertise in this new technology. It is nice to know I can count on you to always remain at the top of your field, ensuring you always provide the latest and best techniques for your patients.”

Asheville Holistic DentistEmily Sullivan
"Love the fact that they are a Holistic Dental office. I really appreciate that they do all the work to ensure that I am receiving biocompatible materials for my body. After all the crown that I got today is going to be in my body for a long time. So Yes - I appreciate that they take great care about the materials that are being used. I also learned today about how they take care of the environment - from filters to protect the environment from dental wastewater to bamboo toothbrushes & organic toothpaste. Seriously - check these guys out - they are great. Today I needed a crown and I got to see it all created in one appointment on a Cad-Cam system. It was amazing. But it is really the people at this office that make it so wonderful. I feel truly blessed to be in such good hands."
Asheville Holistic DentistJack C. - Arden, NC
“Thank you, Asheville Holistic Dentist (formerly Asheville Dental Care), for providing me with the very best in dental care. The NTI device you made me has stopped my headaches.”
Asheville Holistic Dentist