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Dental Lasers in Asheville Dentistry

Dental Lasers - The future of laser dentistry looks bright
Dental Laser AshevilleDENTAL LASERS – Dr. Peter Pang DDS of Asheville Dental Care spoke at the January Buncombe County Dental Society meeting. Dr. Pang addressed a full room on the updates on Lasers In Dentistry.

“Dental Health is about the whole-body connection. Reducing patients’ bacterial load is imperative to me.”
– Dr. Peter Pang.

Modern dental research confirms that there is an association between oral bacteria and chronic health conditions. 

How long have Dentists used Dental Lasers in Dentistry?

General Dentists began using specifically designed Dental Lasers in the 1990’s. Dental Lasers provide dental patients a new Kinder Dental Experience. Many patients experience reduced pain during the dental procedure. And most patients report a faster recovery time.

Who uses  Dental Lasers?

A wide range of General Dentists use Dental Lasers.

  • Oral Surgeons.
  • Pediatric Dentists (Children).
  • Endodontists (Root Canals).
  • Orthodontists.
  • Periodontists.

Are Dental laser treatments painful?

Dental Patients with Laser Treatments have Reduced Pain. With increased comfort for the patient during dental treatment because the lasers cauterize nerve endings as they work.

Do Dental Laser only work on Nerve Endings?

Dental Lasers work on three areas – with minimal invasiveness

  • Nerve Ends.
  • Blood Vessels.
  • Lymphatics.

Do Dental Laser Treatments Scar?

Laser Density has less scarring in procedures such as removing excess gum tissue for people with “gummy” smiles & fibromas

Are all Dental Lasers the same?

Not all lasers are the same. It would be a mistake to think that one laser can do everything. The dentist must be selective as to which laser to use for which task.

Can Lasers be used to treat Gum Disease?

Laser Therapy can be used to reduce bacteria while treating gum disease and cavities.

More info: Laser Gum Therapy.

Are Dental Lasers safe for children?

The use of Dental lasers for Pediatric dentists is very safe. Dental Lasers are often used to remove Frenums and tongue-tie situations. Conditions that can prevent newborns from breastfeeding. Laser procedures require less healing time for children and adults.

Are there other benefits to Dental Laser treatments?

“Lasers allow me to treat the dental problem, reduce the bacteria, and promote healing. And, I find I have less need to prescribe antibiotics”.

Where can I find literature and scientific research on Dental Lasers?

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